Welcome JK Developments

JK Developments is a Geological Drilling Contractor that specialises in obtaining geological information in dolomite formations, mainly in the Centurion area.

Our drilling equipment are capable of extracting accurate samples, especially in circumstances of  unstable dolomite where sample loss may occur.

Francois Jordaan – Founder Member

The founder member, François Jordaan comes from a Civil Engineering and Construction background. His responsibilities are mainly administrative, and he is also responsible for the financial and marketing side of the Company.

Hennie Ter Stege – Partner and Geological Risk Investigator

Hennie joined JK Development in 2006 as a partner as the Company expanded. He is responsible for the day to day running of the work, collecting information to send to the various clients in order to enable them to do their reports as well as sending the information to the office where the invoicing is done.

Hennie is a qualified Civil Engineer who worked at the Centurion Municipality for 8 years.

Hennie became interested in dolomite formations which were causing huge problems in the Centurion area at the time. He became well known for his practical approach to solving Developers and Homeowner’s problems when sink holes threatened, or Property Developers needed guidance during projects.

He subsequently resigned from the Municipality, and now works with various Geologists in solving dolomite related problems. JK Developments assists in the drilling side of the operation.


The office is situated in centurion and is  permanently manned to answer all queries and administrative duties. All invoicing planning etc is handled from there. Health and safety is a very important issue and is attended to before and during each site operation by qualified staff members.

All operators, loggers and drivers are properly trained both in house and through SAICE and Medcorp where training is also done in Fire fighting, First aid and general safety.